The Digital Workforce

Deploy digital workers to perform key functions as part of your IT delivery model and reduce the workload for your physical employees.

What Is a
Digital Workforce?

Advanced Approach

OverIP's unique approach to business technology bypasses the outdated traditional model of IT system operations.

Real Workload Reductions

By providing tailored, automated, and on-demand software to take care of key IT functions, monitoring, and support, we upgrade your organization's functionality and reduce the workload on your existing employees.

Enhance Team's Capabilities

Think of these software applications as performing key infrastructural tasks and enhancing the capabilities of your teams, hence the name 'digital workforce'.

Why choose a digital workforce over traditional IT operation models?

Not only do digital workforces significantly cut IT-related costs, but they can also plug any skill gaps, prevent incompatibility issues, and markedly improve resolution times. OverIP's custom-built applications are designed to:

01. Focus on Business Performance
02. Rapidly restore systems
03. Automatically seek human intervention when needed

What can digital workers do?

Our tailored digital workers can fill and augment the roles of a wide range of specialists, including:


Test & Compliance Engineer

OverIP's Digital Test & Compliance Engineer can perform any infrastructure test and run any compliance program:

  • Security Compliance
  • ISM/PCI Compliance
  • Technical Unit Testing
  • Business Function Testing Device
  • Device Certification
  • SLA Compliance
  • CMDB Asset Reconciliation

Provisioning Engineer

OverIP's Digital Provision Engineer can provision any IT infrastructure or service in your digital environment:

  • Network Provisioning
  • Compute/Cloud Provisioning
  • SaaS Applications: Office 365, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc
  • Business function: Store Build, SaaS Build, SOHO

Transition/Transformation Engineers

OverIP's Digital Transition/Transformation Engineer will run any program of work against existing or new infrastructure to keep your business agile and in-line with technological developments:

  • Transitioning of services in or out
  • Transformation programs

Managed Service Engineer

OverIP's Digital Managed Service Engineer will detect and resolve issues with any IT infrastructures ensuring your infrastructure is always reliably supporting your business:

  • Support Services
  • BCP functions