OverIP delivers unique digital workforce technology to help businesses fundamentally operate more efficiently. To deliver transformational changes, we leverage our two platforms for the deployment, monitoring, and support of your IT infrastructures.



Xpertly is a software-as-a-service offering that provides completely tailored automations to perform key business functions on an on-demand basis, reliably saving you thousands on your IT-related expenditure.

With Xpertly, you can pick and choose a digital, cloud-based digital workforce to automatically handle all facets of your IT systems, from deployment to testing, compliance, AIOps support, and much more, all with a focus on optimising business performance and ensuring positive outcomes.


Avicenna changes the way businesses think about managed services and IT support. With automated monitoring, escalation, and resolution, support has never been more reliable and cost-effective.

Instead of third-party, outsourced support teams focusing on the complex technical details, Avicenna enhances your internal capabilities. With Avicenna, you can constantly and automatically monitor for key indicators of business outcomes, diagnose any issues, and restore optimal performance for immediate bottom-line impact.