not Outsourcing

Enhance the internal capabilities of your business instead of trusting an outside provider to handle your integral infrastructure. Retain absolute control of your systems, your decisions, and your business.


OverIP focuses on providing direct value for your business to ensure immediate and impactful outcomes. Our approach does not dwell on the overly technical details, just on how to efficiently optimise business performance.

A Tailored
Digital Workforce

OverIP?s cloud-based services covering development, deployment, testing, monitoring, and much more provide a digital workforce that can be accessed on-demand, so you don?t need to hire individual experts.

Make the transition to
a digital workforce

OverIP offers you the ability to manage, monitor, and
maintain your IT infrastructure with the help of a cloud-based digital workforce.


Access the automated functionality of your digital workforce on-demand.


Choose and customise your automated digital workforce for specific tasks and seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and teams.


Feel the immediate impact on business efficiency and performance. Benefit from the future of automation technology, today.

OverIP offers you the ability to manage, monitor, and maintain your IT infrastructure with the help of a cloud-based digital workforce.


Our technology enables businesses to reduce the strain on physical workforces and build a new, more responsive, and business-focused system. With OverIP, you can define your exact requirements and we will create digital workers to perform the tasks and augment your workforce.

Digital Workers

Our on-demand software offers scalable capabilities that enable your business
to access a dedicated digital workforce with high-level expertise but greater flexibility, lower costs, and 24/7 availability.

OverIP?s digital workers can perform and assist the roles of physical workers, including:

Provisioning Engineers

Test & Compliance Engineers

Managed Service Engineers

Transition/Transformation Engineers

What makes
OverIP Unique?

Efficient & Focused

Traditional IT services are inefficiently delivered by teams of technical specialists. Building and maintaining such teams is extremely expensive, and they are usually too focused on complex technical details, not the most important indicators of business performance.

Simplified, Automated Approach

OverIP offers a simplified, automated approach to the fundamental elements of IT system management. You can still elevate to a team of IT professionals, but the day-to-day deployment, monitoring, and resolution are automated.

Automation-as-a-Service Model

This unique ?automation-as-a-service? model reliably delivers more responsive, more cost-effective, and more business-centric outcomes for IT system architecture and management.



Only pay for the functionality and usage that your business needs, helping you cut costs for individual projects and overall IT expenditure by thousands.


Choose anything from small infrastructurel tweaks to organisation-wide transformations, and expand any service to match the growing demands of your business.


All OverIP automations and services are built to order and fully customisable, so you will have absolute control over the solutions you receive and any ongoing support.


Your digital workforce will be vendor-agnostic, meaning that regardless of the service providers you already use, you can still automate, monitor, and enhance key business IT systems.

Zero code

OverIP is dedicated to accessibility and ease-of-use, so you?ll never need to code or deal with complex technical details to benefit from our transformational services.

Responsive and Measurable

All OverIP automations and services are designed to be rapidly integrated and deliver fast, tangible improvements to business performance.


OverIP?s transformative services are divided into
two harmonious products: Xpertly and Avicenna.

Cost-effective development, integration, and management of powerful automations to transform the efficiency of your IT systems.

Tailored IT support packages to monitor key business metrics and resolve issues quickly with a focus on optimising business performance.

Automate for Better Business Performance

Discover how a digital workforce could transform your organization?s business outcomes and dramatically reduce your IT expenditure.